Thundercat Character Information Mumm-Ra and His Mutants

Mumm-Ra and His Mutants

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Mumm-Ra and his Minions

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Mumm-Ra Mumm-Ra the Ever Living: The primary nemesis of the Thundercats, this slave to the Ancient Spirits of Evil has survived for thousands of years on Third Earth. He possesses incredible magical powers, and is also the wielder of the awesome Sword of Plundarr. His only weakness is a limited stamina; he needs often to return to his Pyramid to regenerate.
Ma Mutt Ma Mutt: Loyal "Dog" of Mumm-Ra
Pummra PummRa: Mumm-Ra disguised as a Thundercat. He used this disguise in an early attempt to steal the Sword of Omens.
Driller Driller: A mercenary Third Earthian who works for diamonds. He requires diamonds or other such hard material to maintain his drill point.
Ancient Spirits Ancient Spirits:The four god-like focii of all evil, whose statues stand in the Black Pyramid. They give Mumm-Ra immortality in exchange for perpetual servitude, and possess nearly unlimited powers. However, they require other beings to serve their demands, and cannot intervene directly in worldy affairs
Ancient Evil Mirror Wraith: A phantasm capable of travel through mirrors. In failure to destroy the Thundercats, the Ancient Spirits of Evil apparently destroyed him.

The Evil Mutants

S-S-Slithe S-S-Slithe: Leader of the evil mutants on Third Earth
Monkian Monkian: He is a mutant with much brawn but little brain. He can maneuver easily admist the treetops, and wields a magic shield capable of firing cannonballs or energy blasts.
Jackalman Jackalman: A canine mutant skilled with the axe. He can sometimes be more ambitious for his own good, but is often too cowardly to fulfill his aspirations.
vultureman Vultureman: Perhaps one of the most ambitious of all the Mutants, Vultureman is a dangerous and crafty inventor. It is he who is responsible for all the Mutant technology and weapons of destruction. However, his loyalty to his fellow Mutants is questionable, as he has often allied himself with Mumm-Ra or the Lunatacs instead.
Plundarian Warbot Plundarian Warbot: A virtually indestructable war machine. Lion-O discovered it's weakness after traveling back it time to just before Thundera was destroyed
Ratar-O Ratar-O
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