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Lion-o Lion-O:Lion-O, the Lord of the Thudercats, is not as he appears. Although his body is fully developed, his mind is that of a child. With the Sword of Omens and enchanted claw shield at his side Lion-O has powers that rival those of all the Thundercats. With Jaga's guidance, in "spirit" form, Lion-O has learned to trust in the Sword of Omens and the Code that binds all Thunderians.
Panthro Panthro: Panthro, the eldest living member of the Thundercats, is a mechanical wizard and engineering genius. His advanced fighting technique, with battle-sticks (which can contain any concoction or weapon he places inside), proves to make him a vital team memeber. His vast mechanical knowledge helped him construct the Thundertank from pieces of their wrecked spacecraft. After creating Cat's Lair with the Robear Berbils help, Panthro was then able t o craft many new vehicles in his High-Tec workshop.
Tygra Tygra: Without Tygra there would be no Cat's Lair. Under his guidance the Robear Berbils constructed Cat's Lair in only three days. Tygra's flaming/exploding bolo-whip is a formidable weapon. With it Tygra can become invisible to almost any Third Earth being. Tygra's agility and cunning help him in times of battle and make him an invaluable asset to the team.
Cheetara Cheetara: Cheetara is the fastest of the Thundercats. Her lightning quick speed, though somewhat limited in use, and hand-activated bo-staff make her nearly invincible. Cheetara also has a mysterious "sixth-sense" that provides her with premonitions about the future or an accurate portrayal of the past. Although her use of this special "sixth sense" provides accurate information, it is also very limited.
WillyKit WillyKit: WilyKit is WilyKat's annoying sister. Although she is WilyKat's twin she often disagrees with her brother. With her "bag of tricks" WilyKit can defend herself by temporarily baffling her aggressor.
WillyKat WillyKat: WilyKat is the most curious of the twins. He and his sister both are highly agile. Although her is usually left in charge he often leads his sister and himself into serious danger. Don't be fooled, his sister also makes poor decisions as well.
Snarf Snarf: Snarf was Lion-O's "nursemaid" on Thundera, and he has a hard time dealing with the fact that Lion-O is no longer in need of his "protection". Although he's somewhat cowardly, Snarf does manage to gather his wits and help when needed.
Jaga Jaga: Jaga is the eldest and wisest of the Thundercats. He was once the chief advisor and protector of Lion-O's father, Claudis. After the destruction of Thundera, he gave his life piloting the Thundercats to Third Earth so they could survive in the only remaining suspension chambers. Jaga was once the keeper of the Sword of Omens and now appears to Lion-O from his mystical plane of existence.
Claudis Claudis:Claudis was the previous keep of the Sword of omens and Lion-O's father. Although his vision was taken in battle he did not let his blindness impede his sons rescue attempt. After staying behind on Thundera, Claudis was captured by the Shadowmaster, and finally saved by his son Lion-O years later. He exists now the same astral plane as Jaga.
Kano Kano:When Lion-O was a young boy his beloved dog, Kano, resided with him on Thundera.
Snarfer Snarfer:Snarfer is Snarf's young cowardly nephew, much like his uncle. Snarfer is a graduate of Snarf College. As a result, he has much technical and mechanical experience and abilities. He can "whip up" a mechanical device almost as fast as Panthro.

One night Lion-O had a disturbing dream. This dream depicted the day they left Thundera, he knew that several Thundercats had been left behind. After telling his dream to Cheetara, and the others, she used her "sixth sense" to look back in time and see Thundera's final moments yet again. Cheetara discovered that Lion-O's dream was true. After being left on Thundera, and rescued by Robear Berbils, these "New Thundercats" resided on a small island on Third Earth with several Berbils.

Pumyra Pumyra:Pumyra has incredible jumping abilities as well as great acrobatic skill. Pumyra is a talented runner and archer. Besides being skilled with a sling, loaded with deadly pellets of varying potency, she also has great medical experience.
Ben Gali Ben Gali:Ben Gali was originally a well-known blacksmith on Thundera. With his Hammer of Thundera Bengali can fire blue energy blasts, shatter any opposing objects, or re-forge the Sword of Omens (a once impossible task.)
Lynx-O Lynx-O:Lynx-O is the eldest of the New Thundercats. Along with his age came wisdom, which is trusted by all the Thundercats. Although he is blind, Lynx-O has enhanced senses of touch and hearing. Lynx-O sees more clearly than any other Thundercat with the use of his Braille-board.
Scooper Scooper:Scooper was a gift given to WilyKit &Kat by the Robear Berbils. Scooper has the unique ability of helicopter like flight and many other odd features. Though he cannot speak, Scooper communicated through a rotating computer screen that is built into his back.

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